Call to Action – Following up on Kellie Greene

The CBS news story last week has sparked new interest in whether the Peace Corps adequately protects volunteers who face assaults. Now, a group of returned Peace Corps volunteers has launched a Petition seeking Kellie Greene’s immediate reinstatement as Director of the Office of Victims Assistance. Mary Kate Shannon says she started this campaign to show her support of Kellie Greene and to provide a place for those who benefited from Kellie’s vigorous advocacy to show their support. The Petition states:

Kellie Greene has proven herself to be a fierce advocate for Peace Corps Volunteers who become victims of crimes during their Peace Corps Service. She holds Peace Corps to a incredibly high but necessary standard. She has ushered in great change within Peace Corps.

In addition to CBS’s story, ABC recently covered some of the repercussions Kellie Greene suffered as a result of her push for change at the Peace Corps. Kellie Greene’s Whistleblower Protection Act case remains pending at the Office of Special Counsel. You can read our prior post here.