Celebrating George Chuzi’s 44 Years of Service to KCNF

George Chuzi Retirement Party

In 1978, June Kalijarvi received a letter from an aspiring lawyer seeking a law clerk position at her three-year-old firm. He shared June’s belief that everyone deserves equal opportunity employment and a workplace environment free of harassment and discrimination. He was given the job.

That law clerk was George Chuzi, and after 44 years of service at Kalijarvi, Chuzi, Newman & Fitch, P.C., he is retiring at the end of this year.

“People have asked, ‘Why have you stuck around so long?’ and I say, ‘Because I absolutely enjoy what I do. I get to help people get their jobs back.’”
~ George Chuzi

George has spent decades serving as a passionate and effective advocate for employees. In one of the high points of his illustrious career, he represented a female air traffic controller who had been verbally harassed. That case, Katz v. Dole, would set a precedent that a federal employee could be sexually harassed by language alone.

Many people dream about changing the world. We’re so grateful George’s dream came true.

KCNF looks forward to continuing the legacy to which June and George dedicated their lives. It’s a legacy guided by compassion and a genuine concern for the well-being of others.

“Our firm’s original guiding principle holds true to this day – we do this work because we want to help other people. As we head into our next 45 years, KCNF intends to honor the legacy and wisdom of George and June.”
~ Elaine Fitch

We wish George and his family the very best in their next chapter.