Elaine Fitch Discusses Key Considerations for Vaccine Mandates in the Federal Sector

Photo of Elaine L. Fitch, Managing Partner, DC employment law firm KCNFIn a cyberFEDS® article published on August 3, 2021, KCNF partner Elaine Fitch spoke with Legal Editor Anjali Patel, Esq., about the key factors agencies need to address as vaccine mandates go into effect in the federal sector.

While federal employees will most likely be required to attest to their vaccine status, “to be of any value whatsoever, the attestation will have to be in writing and under oath/certification/verification,” Fitch says. “People will think twice before signing a document attesting under penalty of perjury that they have been vaccinated.”

To learn more about four key areas under consideration as agencies implement vaccine mandates, including confidentiality, access and administration, attestation policies, and the different requirements for “visitors” and “members of the public” entering federal buildings, click to read “Key Considerations When Collecting Vaccine Status Information.”