GovExec Daily Podcast: Marijuana May Still Be a Problem for Security Clearances

Photo of Aaron Herreras Szot, associate with DC employment law firm KCNFThe pendulum of public opinion on the legalization of marijuana has swung dramatically over the past few decades. While state laws have changed regarding marijuana usage, it is still illegal at the federal level. KCNF’s Aaron Herreras Szot spoke with Ross Gianfortune on the GovExec Daily podcast about how cannabis use can impact the security clearance process and discussed the recent memo issued by the director of national intelligence aimed to clarify gray areas such as the use of CBD products.

Szot explained that certain conditions can mitigate concerns including recency, frequency, or steps to overcome misuse, but noted that “Because marijuana remains federally illegal, its use by an applicant or clearance holder raises questions about that person’s ability or willingness to comply with law, rules and regulations.”

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