Richard R. Renner Addresses No. 1 Red Flag in WhistleBlower Security’s “4 Significant Warning Signs of Ethical Misconduct in the Workplace”

By Amanda Nieweler, WhistleBlower Security

A happy workplace is a healthy one with an ethically sustainable culture. However, that’s not always the case. There are several red flags to keep an eye – and ear – out for which, if left unaddressed or enabled to fester, can effectively poison your work environment. We’ve reached out to five individuals in leadership positions to determine which are the most significant warning signs of all. Today, through their responses, let’s explore them in more detail.


As a Partner of employment legal firm Kalijarvi, Chuzi, Newman & Fitch, PC, Richard R. Renner knows firsthand the warning signs of an unethical work environment. Chief among them is concealment – a desire for perpetrators to isolate themselves in the shadows. Renner notes the following:

“Concealment is the first indicator of an ethical lapse. If managers think they can avoid detection, the next step toward misconduct seems that much easier to take. A leader’s decision to operate in secret and exclude those who might speak up about wrongdoing can be the first indication that leadership has decided to dispense with ethical standards. Other indicators include deviations from normal practice, imposing a chain of command on employees for raising their concerns, instilling fear of retaliation, using false reasons to justify their actions, and removing duties that have previously provided an employee with access to information that could show a violation.”

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