Roshni Shikari Addresses the Distinction between Equity and Equality in Federal Workplaces

KCNF Attorney Roshni Shikari photoKCNF associate Roshni C. Shikari is quoted in the cyberFEDS® article, “6 examples illustrating equity versus equality at work” which outlines the differences between equity and equality in federal employment.

While federal employers are required to provide a workplace based on equality by giving employees the same rules, rights, tools, and opportunities, an agency focused on equity goes further to ensure access to opportunities is fair. According to Shikari, an equity-based initiative “recognizes that – because our historical baseline is not a level playing field – different, tailored, approaches are needed to achieve equal outcomes.”

Shikari offers several examples of how equity and equality differ when it comes to hiring practices, networking opportunities, job promotions, and employee benefits.

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