Steve Pershing Discusses Passion for Civil Rights in Washington Lawyer Magazine

KCNF’s Steve Pershing was recently profiled in a Washington Lawyer Magazine spotlight, “Steve Pershing Follows the Sound of Justice.”

In the article, Steve explains how his dedication to fighting injustice and advocating for marginalized communities translated into an incredible legal career involving tenures at the ACLU of Virginia and Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice. Beyond his legal work, Steve also touches on his lifelong passion for classical music and his desire to create a life of meaningful longevity, which has been defined by love for his family and his desire to make a difference.

“The ultimate purpose of this work, for all of us who do it, is to help brave people stand up for everyone’s civil rights and to combat unlawful discrimination in all its forms,” Steve says. “The modern U.S. civil rights movement is now over half a century old, and it has become a beacon to the world even as the society that birthed it continues to struggle with its demons.”

Read the full article here.