The EEOC Washington Field Office shared the following information with MWELA:

We recently changed the Intake walk-in hours for the EEOC’s Washington Field Office.  As you probably know, since EEOC instituted an online Intake scheduling system, most Intake interviews are now arranged through the online system.  We currently conduct scheduled Intake appointments at 9am, 11am and 1pm, and to the extent possible, we also try to see others who walk in without an appointment.  We strongly encourage folks to use the online scheduling system so that they can have a designated date/time for an Intake interview.  For those who choose to come to the office without an appointment, our new walk-in hours are from 9am to noon; while we can’t guarantee they’ll be interviewed without an appointment, visiting the office in the morning greatly increases the chance they can be seen and therefore allows us to provide better customer service.  Here’s a link to the website with the updated Intake information for the office:
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