Tis the (Tax) Season: Tax Blunders Clearance Holders Should Avoid – Part 1

Photo of Elizabeth M. Baker, associate with DC employment law firm KCNFKCNF attorney Elisabeth Baker-Pham’s article “Tis the (Tax) Season: Tax Blunders Clearance Holders Should Avoid” was published by FEDweek on March 15.

This is the first article in a three-part series by Baker-Pham, a member of KCNF’s Security Clearance practice, highlighting common tax-related mistakes that security clearance holders should avoid.  

She explains that if you miss your deadline to file your taxes, even if the IRS forgives you, the agency granting your clearance may not. “Missing your tax deadline can cost you your clearance even if you are due a refund.”

“Unfortunately, however, many people think that the deadline does not apply if they are due a refund,” says Baker-Pham. She notes that although she is not a tax attorney and this is not tax advice, “relying on this ill-conceived assumption could jeopardize your clearance or Public Trust eligibility.”

To read the full article, click here.

Her second article will discuss how a clearance holder’s reliance on their spouse to file and pay taxes does not, alone, mitigate tax concerns, even if the clearance holder was unaware of the problem.